We Publish Poems Only. 

We are a Registered Brand. 

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Dear All 

The Next Issue of our Magazine will be published in the coming quarter. 

We ask you to send your poems including a short write up inside the submission as to why the poem is relevant to you., what made you write it. 

You can send your submission as a jpeg file, having made it into a creative, however the font used for your poem in the Jpeg must still be 12 point courier. 

The theme around our next issue - 

 Where Do The Poems Come From? 

This magazine may be published in January 2021 or February 2021. The date is undecided. 

Your poem must use 12 point Courier font. 

You must mention what name you write using. 

This magazine is global, if you want to put an ad in the magazine - you can purchase it from the optional payments. 

Poets Choice