We want you send us poem/s ( maximum 3 poems) with a word limit of 1000 words per poem. 

Please observe the following rules - 

1. USE THE WORD - "Esoteric" in your poem. It can be used multiple times. It can be used just once. BUT, the word must be there AND it must be highlighted or in BOLD . 

2. Make sure you add the name of the poem and your name in the word file you attach. For example, if the name of the poem is 'aiding life' and the name of the poet is 'sooby doo' then the file name must be "aidinglife_scoobydoo". 

3. We DO NOT need your bio for this compilation. In the Cover Letter, please share 

- your pen name or the name you would like us to use in the book. 

- if you have previously participated or simultaneously participated in another compilation, ongoing currently. 

The books we have published recently are - 

1. Mr Daydream by Diana Willand  

2. Nestled Lives 

3. I Can Still Fly 

4. This Too Shall Pass 

5. To The Newspapers 

Check them out on our website - 


Look forward to reading your entries. 

Poets Choice Team 

Hello Everyone, 

This compilation aims at collecting palindrome poems which is otherwise also called mirror poems. Basically, your poem cannot be an octave or sestet i.e a verse where the number of lines in that verse is an even number. That's because there is one line in the poem which is looked upon as a mirror and hence reflects the same poem which is written above, in the lines to follow - but changing its meaning completely. 

For example, check this poem - 


“Hawaii” exclaimed that doppelganger 

I thought, ‘Is he naïve yet bold, both?’ 

Focus too much is self when 

Ending year, he reminisced, are kisses only -

Madam is where Zest lied.  

Panic, Anxiety, Panic. 

Amidst, ear ringing with Happy New Year crowd howling 

Panic, Anxiety, Panic

Lied Zest where is Madam?

Only kisses are reminisced, eh! Year ending 

When self is much too focus

“Both bold yet naïve he is”, thought I 

Doppelganger that exclaimed, “Hawaii!”

In the example above, " Amidst, ear ringing with Happy New Year crowd howling " works as the mirror. 

Submissions can be upto - 2 poems Maximum. 

Please mention 1. your name 2. poem name as the file name which you attach 

Author Biography is not required. 

You may share your photo via a jpeg file, however please be informed that your poem must remain in .docx file formatand not sent as a jpeg file 

The compilation of collected poems received from multiple poets except yourself, in this form  will be published as a poetry book. 

There is no word limit, however, you will find that the complexity of the poem will increase if you try to make this poem lengthy. Therefore, we recommend you start with shorter poems. 

Please keep the font size as '12' and font name as 'Times New Roman' . 

With that we look forward to reading your submissions. 

Dear All, 

Happy New Year ... Happy New " DECADE" to one and all. 

We want you to send us your poems which include the words ' New Decade'. 

You may send not more than 2 pieces. 

We are particularly interested in the fact that there was a solar eclipse 5days before the new year and a lunar eclipse just 10days into it. We are keen to see you capture that phenomenon in your poems. Its okay even if you don't. We are all ears and eyes to hear ourselves read fresh and vibrant perspectives out there. 

Maybe as to how you are welcoming 2020. 

 Rules - use ' New Decade' in your poem. 

- File Name (which you attach) should have [poem name]_[Your Full Name/Pen Name] 

- Bio (if any) must be in the document you attach. 

Also by submitting, you are giving us the rights to publish your work. If and when we do that, you will be informed. 

Best Regards, 

Poets Choice 


This compilation aims at putting together a collection of acrostic poems. 

An Acrostic Poem, according to us, is a poem which has the first letter in each line, when looked upon vertically spells out a word or message. The first letter, in each line is expanded into a line or a word. 

Submit maximum of 3 poems not more. 

A strict no to - 

1. Use of the F word or similar abusive language. 

2. Random submissions which have nothing to do with Acrostic poems. 

The writer of this submission will retain the copyrights of his/her work. However, if your work is accepted then he/she agrees that by submitting here they are handing over the publishing rights of their work to Poets Choice. 

We look forward to reading your work. 

Hello Everyone, 

We are glad to introduce a book compilation where we welcome, your entries for any poem which has a syllabic count. We expect you to specify which form are you using along with your submission. 

Please send a maximum of 3 poems per submission. 

The copyrights of the work will be retained by you however, your entry in this compilation ensures that you are giving us the publishing rights if your work gets selected and that you will inform us in case your poem is published elsewhere. 

Look forward to reading different syllabic forms of poetry. 

Poets Choice is a Mumbai based Publishing Initiative founded by Akshay Sonthalia. Our work can be found on - www.poetschoice.in 

Dear Poet, 

This form is only meant for you if you have a collection of poems that you want to publish as a poetry book. The minimum number of pages a book must have is 40. This can include graphical representations too. 


1. Send your poems (manuscript)  in an attached word document. Send author bio, your name, contact details and any other content you wish to include in your book in a separate word document. 

2.Submit via Submittable only. As this will ensure your email does not get lost in the bundle of emails we receive everyday. 

3. There is a manuscript reading cost. This cost involves the reading of your manuscript for consideration of possible publication.  

4. Review Time will be anywhere between a week to a month from the date of your submission. 

For any queries or questions, please feel free to Direct Message us on Instagram - @poetschoice or email us on poetschoice@hotmail.com . You can also visit our website - www.poetschoice.in 

Poets Choice